Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tutorial: No Headpin, No problem. Using Fireline to make a pair of earrings

Earring instructions normally specify that you use headpins and wire working tools. I’ve found that you can make simple earrings using your needle and Fireline!

What you’ll need:
Fireline Thread 6 lb
Beading Needles - I usually use size 11 or 12
Beads of choice (I used turqoise chips and nuggets, sterling nugget beads, bali silver beads and bali silver earwires and thread guards for the sample.
thread guards (item # H20-4050FY in Fire Mountain catalog
Something to bead on (beading mat)
Good lighting

1. Cut a two foot length of Fireline and place a needle of both ends of the thread
2. Center a bead on the thread. The bead should be large enough so that it will not slip through the hole of the next bead that you use.

3. Place your two needles together and slip the remaining beads on your thread.

4. Using your right needle, thread through the right side of your thread guard. Use your left needle to thread through the left side of you thread guard. If you don’t have a thread guard, thread 4 size 11o seed beads on each needle.

5. Tie a square knot, and pass both threads down the length of your earring. Make some half hitches if you can and trim closely.

6. Attach your earring finding.

7. Repeat for a second earring.

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