Friday, August 14, 2009

UFO Rescue

What is a UFO? - well its an Unfinished Object in beader's terminology. I have several drawers and working boxes full of UFOs. A UFO can be something I was not super happy with, or something that is taking hours and hours worth of beading, and I just have not had the fortitude to continue with the project. Today I rescued a UFO and I'm pretty happy with it. The UFO in question started life as a pendant, but when I beaded rows of peyote around the bead, the center bead twisted and turned. I've solved the problem since, but I kept my original. I liked the colors and the herringbone shape that extended around the bead.

The UFO has found new life as an applique on a bag. The bag came to my mom as a freebie from AARP. Of course it had AARP initials on the front of the bag. I used some tacky tape to hold my UFO in place and appliqued it onto a piece of ultrasuede. The ultrasuede was appliqued on to the bag. I now have a small bag that will fit around my waist and will hold essentials (keys, pen, etc) for my trip to Kripalu this coming Sunday!