Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lorelei Michael's Blog Challenge

Lorelei Eurto sponsored a blog challenge for anyone to participate in. Participants were asked to go to Michaels and purchase a set of beads and make a necklace. Additions could be two types of beads, a clasp (which we could make) and a focal.  I went for a multi-strand Chico's type of look. My two types of beads were seed beads in an amber and a cream.  The green pearls were smaller than the rest of the beads, so to make them into larger components, I wove them into margeurite beads and used the amber beads to make a chain. I like the two stranded effect of the amber beads, but will redo this chain and use metal seed beads. I chose not to add a toggle - the necklace is long enough to slip over my head. I have a jade butterfly that I wanted  to use as a focal, but could not find it anywhere.....time to clean!! I absolutely love the colors - they are nice and crisp and clean, and wanted to to the challenge because I do very little stringing - mostly beadweaving. I think there is a trick and a talent to stringing a necklace that is interesting and wearable.  Now you may want to head over to Lorelei's blog - check the necklaces made by people who do not blog, and click on the links to see what other people did.  Thanks Lorelei - this was fun.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yesterday's Class at the Senior Center

Yesterday I held my first class at the Senior Center. Passed out packets of information: general beading, stringing and fringing packets. I'm converting all my patterns to Open Office from Microsoft and organizing them by type. I'm working on another version of Hera's jewels, which teaches fringing, and we talked about taking a pattern from a designes and recreating it using different supplies. I have one new student, and we pulled beads from her stash to make Hera's jewels as her first project.

Sandy came to class with a lovely necklace that he had finished and given to her niece for her birthday. Her niece wanted the necklace longer, so she worked on lengthening it. I designed this project to teach flat peyote and used metallic beads for the bar that holds the pendant. Sandy used beautiful blue delica beads for her bar. I think it is a lovely interpretation - once its longer, I hope her niece wears it often

Friday, October 15, 2010

First class at Senior Center and new patterns

I woke up this morning to pitch dark and the steady timpanny of rain. Its light out now, and I am packing for the first class at the senior center. Seven old friends, and one new student, who sounds excited and happy to be at class.

I am redoing all my patterns in Open Office - my computer is one its last legs, and I do not want to pay for the Microsoft Office Suite (Yankee). I am loving the drawing program.

Class today will cover design, color, stringing and fringing. Nine patterns to choose from - including the two new patterns for a dragonfly and Hera's Jewels - a new necklace I designed this summer.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Summer Drop in and Bead - Marge's Laura McCabe Necklace

A few members of my class have joined me on Fridays this summer, working on their own projects. My friend Marge completed this lovely necklace based on an early pattern by Laura McCabe. I love her use of color. 

Class begins on Friday and runs for eight weeks. All the students are "returns" and one new member. I've been busy this summer designing new patterns and am looking forward to the weeks ahead