Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bead Embroidery

LaBella Joya input on bead embroidery - what we liked in terms of embroidery, and have we done it. I've only done one piece of embroidery - my chatelaine - shown above, which I use to store scissors, tape measure, scoop and sewing needles. It took hours and I received an honorable mention for this work.

I do like bead embroidery and love the dramatic collars and bracelets. I do find that they are heavy and war. and I get concerned about odors clinging to them because of the fabric.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art Bead Scene Giveaway

Even though I work in seed beads, I admire and collect one of a kind artist beads. They truly elevate simple designs into unique pieces of art that make you smile when you wear them. The Art Bead Scene is offering a giveaway of some of the most beautiful art beads I've seen. Follow this link to enter to win

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do You Remember the Banana Man?

I remember going to the circus years ago, sitting on the bleachers and watching the performance. At one point the ringleader announced that the banana man was coming and a clown came out. He had a bright red nose, big floppy shoes and a large coat with pockets. He kept reaching into his pockets and pulling out bananas on a string. He'd pull and pull, and more and more bananas would appear. You had to wonder how so many bananas could fit in one coat.

Right now, our house is just like the coat on the banana man. More and more items come out. Out of drawers, out of closets, out of boxes. Out of two storage rooms and one storage shed. They go in to the garage to get ready for a tag sale this weekend - rain or shine. I found a plate in the kitchen yesterday that I do not remember owning, and a planter today that I don't recognize. My husband just found a yard implement that we don't know the use for (Practically, or probably, unused) Crystal decanters, china shoes, fabric, paints, paintings, tapes, books and records. So very many things, and so very many memories. After 31 years of living in the same house I expected some treasure troves, but certainly not this much. I hope that the items in the garage find a good home. I don't want them to contribute to the land fill.

If you are interested in tag sales, come on by this Saturday and Sunday 9-3 each day. Seven Dara Lane, North Granby Connecticut. Who knows what treasures you will find.