Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beading Babes - Bringing Beaders Together

Yesterday I discovered this group, created by Karyn White, and joined. The beaders in the group have projects to choose and create each month. The variety of colors and adaptations are wonderful, and I really enjoyed seeing the different interpretations of projects made in earlier months.
This month the group was given three choices: Paisley Drops by Jane Lock, ruffled chain bracelet by Laina Goodman, and the Trellis Pattern which has been gifted to the group by Nancy Dale. Since I only had a day, I created a pair of earring adapted from the ruffled chain bracelet. I made changes to both the pattern and the bead types because I wanted everyday earrings and I had found some center stones that I really wanted to use.

 I had already made a pair of the Paisley Drops by Jane Lock, and I was actually able to find them!!!


  1. Welcome to this awesome group of beaders and women! Wonderful work!

  2. Thanks so much for taking part at such short notice Anne! I love your earrings and look forward to seeing you for Project 5!


  3. Thanks Karyn. Its been fun seeing what people have done with the patterns that were chosen.

  4. I've recently joined up with a group of bead-y minded ladies and I just love the time we spend together! We all work on different things and share what we know. Its such a great time. I love both of these earrings!

    1. Thanks Lynn. It was fun seeing what the group did!