Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kripalu and Use the Muse

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day in Connecticut. For those of you who do not know, we have been having a rainy summer in New England. The country side is lush and verdant from all the rain, but the sky is often misty, grey and cloudy. We have had thunderstorms and lightning and heavy rain that has beaten a constant percussion of timpani against our rooftops. So we need to take advantage of the beautiful, warm sunny days.

I picked up Mom at 10:30 and we drove to the Bershires, to the Kripalu Yoga Institute. After a wrong turn and a trip through downtown Springfield we drove through Lenox Mass and up the winding driveway to Kripalu. The approach to Kripalu is beautiful, with huge trees lining the driveway and gardens full of lilies and other blooming summer perennials. People were walking, biking, and sitting and chatting as we approached. There is a tremendous atmosphere of peace and quiet and you enter the building. Mom and I had lunch in the cafeteria - tempeh chili burgers, which were delicious, salad full of herbs, and mint tea. We stopped at the bookstore and I bought the Kripalu cookbook an Eckhardt Tolle CD (Finding Your Life's Purpose) and two other CDs - Ultra Metabolism and Ultra-Prevention. And I hope to go back in the middle of August for a five day retreat. :-)

I wore my Use the Muse necklace and received many compliments on it. I was happy to have finished it. It is a variation of an old familiar design that I have done before. (I can't show the muse yet)


  1. Ooohh! It's very nice! I like so much!! Congratulation!!

  2. I received my Yoga teaching certificate from Kripalu. I have a student there now getting her certification. It is a beautiful place!

  3. Hi Anne, just saw the muse entries now that they have been revealed, and noticed that you are from N. Granby, which is also where my aunt is from! I like your entry! Wondering if you might know my aunt, Nancy Fischer, because I know just how small Granby is! Anyways, beautiful necklace and other beady things you have posted here on your blog...