Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Every once in a while a day comes along where everything seems to turn out absolutely right. For me, Thursday was that type of day.

My Mom got a digital camera from my sister for her 90th birthday. We've been taking baby steps as she gets used to it: (a) turn it on (b) look at the mini screen to see what your picture is going to look like (c) push the button for a picture...and on. We took a picture of the pansies in the front of her apartment. Then went to Target, then lunch and back home. I am so greatful for the companiable times we share together.

Home to find the bathing suit I had ordered from Lands End. It fit, which at my size and age is all I ask for!!!!
I went to a meeting at six, full of friends and a wonderful discussion

Later my husband came home, full of happiness from a wonderful discussion at the meeting he had attended.

The weather was beautiful, the cats behaved, all in all a pretty nice day!!! The necklace at the top of this post has happy colors in it. Its made using just one strand of Fireline, and no it goes on quickly and you are out the dooe!


  1. Sistren AuntieAnnie,

    May God bless you with many more fun outings with your Mom, many more loving evenings with your husband and many more beautiful designs like this.

    I like the use of smooth round beads at the back of the neck with the more dimensional beads on the three strands at the front.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  2. It's so cute and nice to see! Thank you, dear Anne, for your post on my Christmas Eve necklace! :)