Thursday, February 19, 2009


It snowed again yesterday. Today it is warm enough so that the snow and detritus is melting and hitting the skylights in clinks and clanks . Tuesday's class went well, and I have a nice group of students. I wondered how things would go with both new and returning students, but it was just fine. The new students listened, and the returning students got right in to their projects. This week was learning how to string. Next week we will do chains, then peyote, then brick. I taught brick medallions last time, so this time I put together a simple bracelet in brick stitch. Seems I am working with browns and golds lately. The necklace I should finish today is in the same color tones.


  1. It's very beautifull! Congratulation!

  2. Beautiful! I like brown colour very much!

  3. Sistren Annie,

    Peaceful greetings from Jamaica. That is a beautiful bracelet. When can we see the necklace?

    Many of my customers are asking for earthtoned pieces.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots