Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sets of Metallic Beads

It took me quite a while to build a collection of metal tone beads. I use them in the majority or items I make. This means that when I've finished a necklace or bracelet I can coordinate the item with gold or silver jewelry. I’ve tried to collect coordinating sets of beads in size 15o, 11o, 8o, and delicas. Makes and sizes and where I purchased the beads follow:

Bright gold
15o – Toho 15o #557
Size 11o – 11SB851
Delica DB 410 –
Size 8o – Toho 8o #559 –

Size 15o – Metallic Antique Gold SDB-15-4570
Size 110 Toho #11 221
Delica DB- 22
Size 80 – Miyuki #457

Bright Silver
Size 15o – Galvanized Metallic Hex beads SDB15-470Hex –
Size 11o - 11SB – 812
Delica – DB 035
Size 8o 8SB812 –metallic silver or
Galvanized metallic silver SDB8-470

Silver lined grey beads
Size 15o – Silver Lined Shadow SDB-15-21 –
Size 11o Silver Lined Grey Japanese Seed beads SDB 11-21
Delica – DB 048 –
Size 8o – SDB8 -21# Silver Lined Gunmetal

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