Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Original Scrapbox Giveaway

The Original Scrapbox is hosting a giveaway for National Craft Month. I've been eyeing the scrapbox for months now. Designed for scrapbookers, it looks perfect for beaders and jewelry makers too. Link to the site is here: You can see scrapbox designs and many videos that show how it works. Their Facebook fan page( gives you up to date news about the Scrapbox, including information on how to enter the contest to win a free scarpbox!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tannia's Lariat

Another item from my Friday beading group. Tannia combined spiral stitch with coralling to create this lush and gorgeous lariat. I love the corally berry-like beads combines with the navy and cream. Today I'm off to have lunch with my mom and my Auntie Ellen. I am so looking forward to the visit. On my worktable is another long necklace using russian spiral, square stitch and RAW for a pendant. I should finish is soon and be able to post the finished piece tomorrow
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Made by Marge

This is a picture I took before the holidays of two bracelets made by Marge, one of the beaders that I bead with on Fridays. The first bracelet is by Rachel Nelson-Smith, from her book Seed Bead Fusion. The second is a simple Right Angle Weave bracelet that I wrote up to teach my students RAW. Beautiful colors, as usual. They stack together really nicely. Last week Marge came to class wearing Laura McCabe's Faery Vine necklace. She had modified it using charms collected from her family. It was stunning. I forgot to take a picture.... I'll ask Marge to bring it in for this Friday.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Cheers for claudia

Last year I had one new student in my senior center class. The other seven students were "repeats". Claudia was a bit nervous and wanted to do a good job in the very biggest way. She made several projects and did a wonderful job. On the last day of class she came in with this necklace - made from the Margeurite pattern. I love the bright and cheery colors she used. I loved even more the smile on her face as she brought it in the show me.

So many things are going on right now that I am not teaching a new class. Instead, we have informal drop in sessions. I'm looking forward to what Claudia makes next with her new found hobby!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Artbeads Winter Enchantment

I participate quite happily in the ArtBeads Winter Enchantment program. Its a wonderful opportunity to try out new designs and to stretch myself. When the email came this winter, it was right after one of the largest snowstorms of the winter. The snow was waist high on either side of the sidewalk. Piles of plowed snow were higher than buildings, and I was having a bit of trouble being enchanted. I'd just finished a chain I made for my mother using Russian spiral weave, and I had been working on some beaded beads. I decided I wanted to combine the two. It was night time, and I looked over the winter landscape with its inky colors. Lights up our driveway illuminated portions of the snow and there were areas of refracted light. My color scheme was born and I put in an order for seed beads and swarovski crystals from the Artbeads site.

Coordinating colors from the Artbeads site is very easy. Once you order your item and put it in your shopping bag, small thumbnails appear that show the beads you have chosen. Once the beads arrived, I was delighted with the way they coordinated, and I finished my necklace yesterday. The necklace is quite long and I can wear it easily with heavier winter clothing. I made a separate beaded bead for the closure, which I can wear in the back and in the fron. I think I'll wear it today

Disclosure...As a reviewer of products at, I received the Swarovski crystals,  and seed beads free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.